Arkadi – Eleftherna – Margarites

We begin our excursion from the monastery of Arkadi, a historical symbol of the national pride of the Cretan people. This is where another fight for freedom took place, against Turkish oppression in 1866. It is located in an amazing site. viewing the northern cretan sea. Then, we move towards Eleftherna, a village with a great natural beauty. Opposite the village, one can see the remnants of the Ancient Eleftherna, one of the most Important archaelogical sites in Crete. Next stop, is Margarites, a village that is famous for the production of copies of Minoan ceramic pots. Walking around margarites, you can see beautifully decorated doors and walls from the time of the Venetian Rule. In combination with the narrow paths, it gives us a picture of the life of a Cretan village in previous centuries.