Elafonisi located near the southeast-yacht in Chania (Crete course), about 43 km from Kastelli and about 75 km from the capital of the prefecture of Chania.
It is regarded as one of the most beautiful Greek regions – white sand beaches, which in many places gets pink from the thousands of crushed shells give a different view of the beach.
The waters are crystal clear and the blue-green color will “bear” images of an exotic paradise.

Elafonisi is a small island just off the shore, you can cover on foot, since that strip of the “united” is too shallow (about 1 meter) and distance is 100 meters.
It even has several small beaches on the south side of which have fewer visitors.
The beach offers sun beds, bar and watersports.
At the end of the road, before entering the beach there is ample parking space and that the peak period is insufficient.

Plan to see up close the convent of Chrysoskalitissa distinguished by long, white and built up on a big rock.
The route will follow from Chania for your visit Elafonissi is Castelli, State, Head, Elafonisi.

If you have the mood and “feel like” you on your return to follow the alternative route Head, Papadiana, Sfinari, faucets, Platanos, Neck, Kastelli, Chania, which is greater distance, but while you are compensations to the wonderful scenery of the course of.